Thursday, 26 April 2018

Creating the Manhattan look! Hairstyling tutorial with American Crew |AD|


One of the main (and it has to be said, few!) things I constantly get complimented on, and asked about is my hair. The truth is, just like with skin care, its a case of constantly trying new things out, so when American crew got in touch asking me to recreate the 'Manhattan' look with their products, I jumped aboard, so here's a step by step guide of the products used and how best to get the wavy, rugged Manhattan style look.


Step 1: Boost Spray. The first step is to spray the boost spray from a medium distance onto the roots of the front of your hair. Being someone that has very thick and long hair, the biggest problem that I have with styling is physically keeping my hair up and from wilting down, so using a boost spray first up if the perfect way to keep a bit of structure at the root of the hair, whilst letting the top fall in whicever direction it feels like.


Step 2: Texture foam. The second step is to spray some of the texture foam onto ones hand (Amount depending on length of hair, but bear in mind it does expand once out of the can!) then mix into both hands and apply thoroughly into the length of the hair. Particularly in the summer, my hair can get extremely dry and straw like, so the application of moisture certainly helps with this, and gives the hair a more glossy finish. Once applied, instructions are to comb through, then blow dry with comb. Personally, I would only do this to particular parts of the hair for structural reasons if you want different parts to fall differently, but I prefer to keep the combing to a minimum, as to maximise the loose and messy feel.


Step 3: Firm hold styling cream. Lastly, and probably most importantly, is the styling cream. As someone who is constantly playing about with his hair, the most important hair product is the firm and long holding cream, as you need something that with keep the hair structure, but will also be malleable enough to move and play around with throughout the day. For application, simply apply a small amount (about the size of a 5p piece) onto your finger, work into your hands until warm, and apply thoroughly into the hair. There's no real method to doing this right (Liv personally thinks I look like I'm attacking my hair when doing it!) but make sure you work into you hair several times with the same motions to maximise volume and height


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