Monday, 15 January 2018





January can be kind of a horrible catch 22 when it comes to revving yourself up for the new year. On one side of the coin, it's a time when you can sit down and focus your goals and aims easiest, and approach them from a fresh perspective. On the other, particularly as a street style photographer who blogs in their spare time, it's the worst month to physically get things shot. The days are short, dark and often wet, and you don't even have the festive December lights to help you out.

On the plus side, if you're like me and pretty much asked for nothing but clothes for Christmas, you have a couple more pieces that you are raring to try out, and there hasn't been a more sought after addition to my wardrobe than this Topman houndstooth jacket. After Liv was able to carefully pick up on the fact that I would point out any and every houndstooth coat that I saw for the past 2 years, she grabbed me this amazing coat (worn even better by Jordan in his most recent post) that has immediately become my staple piece. Combined with my new A.P.C tee I grabbed from Farfetch, Paul Smith jeans and my old Topman beanie hat, I tried to add a bit of colour whilst keeping understated.

As someone who wants to push their blog more this year, I feel that if I can stay motivated in a time where it's easiest to admit defeat, I'm excited as to what I can put together as the year goes on.








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