Sunday, 7 January 2018





Whilst this time of the year brings a lot of time to reflect on the last year, the fact that it also marks 6 months since Liv and I moved in to our new place. Whilst it has easily been the happiest 6 months of my life to date, the realisation that I would be sharing wardrobe space with a full time fashion blogger quickly made me rethink what I actually needed in my wardrobe on a week to week basis, which has been a blessing in disguise! Whilst I'm never going to be controlled enough to go full capsule wardrobe, de-cluttering my wardrobe of the things that I wasn't wearing anyway mean that I can pair things better, and work out the gaps in my wardrobe.

Whilst this has led to me utilising my wardrobe a lot, it hasn't stopped me from grabbing a few new things that I was in need of. With cords very much in fashion at the moment, it seemed rude not to grab a pair myself, and this Dr Denim pair has seamlessly found itself into my week to week outfits. Paired with my new Common Projects trainers (another area of my wardrobe I'm sorely lacking in options), Zara coat and Weekday tee, I've tried to add a bit of colour for what has been a pretty grey xmas/new year period.

Lastly, the Acne Scarf that Livvi got me for Christmas last year, this Timex watch in collaboration with Mr Porter have become staples for almost every time that I leave the house this winter. I've never really been a watch wearing person, but having a sort out of all of my stuff when I moved led me to finding this piece that I've had for over a year, and left me wandering why I hadn't worn it more often, but once again shows how moving and having less wardrobe space can even lead to wearing things that you had forgotten about completely






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