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One of the great advantages of moving a bit closer into London is that instead of the humdrum endlessness of semi detached houses being your playground, you actually encounter much more interesting architecture on your doorstep, which as a photographer is an absolute godsend. Don't get me wrong, Liv and I love exploring all the nooks and crannies of the city and beyond to get a great location, but when you're average commute to get there can be over an hour, the ability to walk 5 minutes to shoot grows all the more appealing, and since we moved I've wanted to shoot by this fire station a stones throw from our place.


8N8A0088 Perhaps the disadvantage of doing so, is the realisation that you're not shooting somewhere that doing so is the norm, so you have to tone down your outfit somewhat (no silver coyboy boots n this post, I'm afraid) so I kept it classic this week, with a black and blue denim combo and white trainers. Minimalist white trainers are definitely an on trend staple piece at the moment, and this Paul Smith pair have been the perfect addition to my wardrobe (although I still need to learn that walking the dog in white trainers is never a great idea!) paired with my Paul Smith jeans and Dr Denim jacket, as well my my current most worn tee, this amazing WAX London navy number, which has easily been my most flexible piece in my wardrobe, being paired with blue and denim, as well as black and camel coats.

Lastly, for the first time in a post I've actually worn a pair of my glasses! I've needed glasses ever since I was 18 months old, but since the age of about 13 I've worn contacts 24/7 (even before I wore contacts I would avoid my glasses at all costs) as I was always conscious of how I looked in them. Luckily, at my most recent check up, I was able to find a great pair that also happened to not be too costly, and now I'm wearing my glasses more than my contacts!

I'm going to be doing a new grooming arrivals post next, so watch this space for what it involves!



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