Sunday, 9 April 2017

46.Mr Porter

Hello everyone!

There is no better feeling then when a spell of unexpected good weather hits. Every evening this week I've gone to bed with the promise of dreary cloud and woken up with the reality of clear blue skies and sun. Whilst this unseasonably warm weather has it's numerous perks (pub garden anyone?!) I has had me scrabbling around my wardrobe for spring/summer pieces.

When sorting through my wardrobe, the main thing that I had noticed about my winter attire was the astonishing amount of Black/Camel/Tan pieces that dominated it. Particularly in the colder months, I - for whatever subconscious reason - tend to stick to black and earthy tones, with colour being really difficult to bring into an outfit, so when the temperature rises it gives me a great opportunity to play around with more experimental colours.

When MR PORTER got in touch to create content for their Spring/Summer trends, this CMMN SWDN pink jacket immediately stood out as a great piece to create a look around. As it gets warmer, we have to say goodbye to layers and get more creative with fewer pieces. Therefore, colour becomes a much bigger factor in creating a unique outfit, and pink is certainly going to be the go to colour to mix a look up this season. Paired with this Hartford tee and APC jeans, this outfit was complimented by the bright backdrop of Kew Gardens Palm House

Situated in Kew, South West London, the gardens are a polar opposite to the hustle and bustle of central that Jordan and I had departed from just 30 minutes prior, with Jordan actually being reluctant to accept that we were still in the Capital. However, the short hop on the district line was worth it for the amazing location that was the gardens palm house. The contrast of the pink jacket with the surrounding greenery worked perfectly, and the mix of the overhanging plants with the beaming, unobscured sun provided and opportunity for Jordan and I to really play around with dappled light and shadowing, which always lead to interesting results with imagery.

With the temperature rising, and the days lengthening, we are all in need of finding that staple piece for the Summer months, and it doesn't get more staple than a pink jacket

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