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Hello Everyone! With the clocks going back at the weekend, and (in London at least!) consistent sun for the past few days, spring is officially upon us. March/October can sometimes be the trickiest time to know what to wear, and you can often get caught out wear too many layers (I went out today wearing a tee, and shirt and this jacket, MISTAKE) or too few (I was out about town on Saturday wearing just a t-shirt, MISTAKE), so I will be doing a few posts in the next few weeks on how to layer in the hotter months.

However, last Friday was still cold and dreary enough to get away with wearing my best ever charity shop find in this denim jacket (read: Liv's best ever charity shop find that I 'borrowed' seven years ago) for what I hope to be one last winter-esque outfit this season. Jordan and I had been talking about shooting around Barbican for a while now, and whilst the weather was not as good as it has been, we both agreed that the place has a certain unique feel to it when cloudy, and that regardless of weather can provide a different aesthetic each time.

Having only ever shot around Barbican but never inside, it's safe to say that the place is confusing as fuck to navigate! It weirdly reminds me of parts of Croydon near where I live, in the sense that the 1950s brutalist architecture is eclectically beautiful but built with a strange understanding of how architects thought people would move around in the future. Whenever I hear about people complain of new buildings and their strange and wacky designs, I always think about the Barbican. Because whilst it might not be to everyones taste, I provides us with a unique look into the mindset of what people thought the future should look like, whilst simultaneously showing us exactly what that period was. If you are ever in the area with time to kill, it really is an interesting place to visit.









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  1. I like the overall look the denim jacket paired with a pair of jeans and black boots goes perfect with them for the autumn season


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