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Well, it's been a long time! It feel like a lifetime since I last posted, and the fact that it has been 5 months is not surprising. Being somebody who works day to day alongside bloggers, both people who do it full time, part time and as a pure hobby around work, I have really been able to appreciate just how much work goes into maintaining a blog, particularly when you are juggling work. I have found in the last 6 months first hand just how difficult it can be to not only find time, but actually find motivation to post regularly, if at all.

If truth be told, When I was posting, I was not particularly enjoying it. As a photographer, I always try my best to get good images, but with my writing lacking in practice, and never diverting away from outfit posts, it kind of got repetitive for me, and naturally for anybody who would be reading. Although I am extremely fortunate to do lots of travelling and interesting things with Olivia, as she is full time, and the fact that we have in the past only had one camera, the priority has always been to get images and content to tell a story for Olivia, which I do get such an amazing amount of enjoyment from, but does mean that any posts on my part would naturally become templates of her content, so I have always decided against documenting trips and lifestyle myself.

In the classic case of 'new year, new me' syndrome, I have made a promise to myself to devote more time to passion projects, in and out of my work capacity, and of course my blog is one of those. We have been able to invest in more camera equipment of the last couple of months, which means that not only with travel content, but simple out and about days that Liv and I regularly have, I will hopefully be able to show my slant on things through my own personal documenting, and I'm sure will give me so much more to talk about on here, because my main aim for this site this year to be able to show my personalility a lot more! Fingers crossed I can go back to more regular content, and most importantly more diverse content that shows what I get up to during regular weeks.



Now that I've got the boring stuff out of the way, I'll touch on the outfit that I've essentially been wearing every other day since christmas! Whilst my Reiss coat have been long part of my wardrobe staple (its long overdue a trip to the menders!) I have been obsessing over my favourite xmas gift from Liv. There are always outfits that see my friends and other bloggers wear that look amazing, but I know that I would be too scared/self conscious to try myself, so when I can find an outfit that I fid stylish, but still smart and understating, I wear it to death! One of my favourite pairs of new shoes from the last few months has been this really cool pair from Farah. I love to be able to find a pair of shoes that can bridge that gap between smart and casual, and although I can't quite put my finger on exactly why it's the case with these shoes, I love I know that I can combine what is a smart pair with more casual outfits!

Hopefully this can be the first of many posts this year, and importantly posts that people can get something interesting and useful out of. I want to make it a personal mission to try to document my day to day life more, both on here and on my instagram account; and if I can do that, I will hopefully be able to produce great content without thinking!






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