Tuesday, 16 August 2016

39.Way out West




After taking an unplanned 2 month sabbatical from my blog, I have to admit I've been finding it slightly difficult to get back into the swing of things (if there was ever a swing to begin with!) I couldn't help but second guess everything I wore and question whether it would be worth actually putting conntent up, but having taken a decision to ensure that I shoot myself more often, the perfect opportunity came up to get back on the blogging trail; Way out West festival with ASOS!

Being the first press trip I've taken without Liv, I have to admit that I was feeling a bit anxious for several reasons, not least that thought that I'd have to ask someone else to take my photos, but thankfully there were so many amazing people to help (particularly the fantastic male bloggers James and Robin). It was really nice to be able to meet new people who do similar things like myself, and most importantly that they are just normal people!

Whilst I haven't had a lot of motivation to get my outfits shot the last few months, I honestly couldn't wait t=with this one! It's so nice to be able to feel fully confident in your own clothes, and that's why brands like ASOS do what they do so well. As the products are so varied, you really don't feel like you need to settle for something that isn't completely you (although I dont think I need explain what makes ASOS great!) I paired my staple Cheap Monday jeans and Topman demin jacket with the ASOS Sunglasses & Fedora combo, plus my favourite peices of all, The Viscose Shirt and Tasseled Brogues.




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  1. oh i really love your outfit. it gives a perfect gentle man look and i think your have a really good sense of dressing. keep it up!


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