Monday, 20 June 2016

38.Field Day




The one thing Britain does best is adhering to its own stereotypes, and there is not a much bigger stereotype than going to muddy, rainy festivals in waterproof Barbour Jackets and Wellies. The weather reports can be stating 25C and sunny all weekend, but we all know that we will never have such luck, and preparing for the elements always works out to be the best way forward...

So, when Barbour got in touch to collaborate on their Barbour Festival collection, you would think that I would have listened to my own advise, right? Wrong! Ever the optimist, I decided to go full summer, picking this amazing Insect Print Shirt alongside a classic pair of Navy Shorts, Canvass Shoes and Stretch belt.


Luckily, the weather getting to festival was holding up, so it looked like my gamble had paid off! Whilst, I did go to many a festival at Victoria park in my teenage days, for some reason Field day has always alluded me, so to finally cross it off my list great, especially when some of favourite bands and artists such as Parquet Courts, John Grant, James Blake and Beach House we're playing!

But, unfortunately by the end, my gamble had eventually lost and was in tatters, as the heavens opened and left me drenched, and Liv with the biggest 'I told you so' grin. It looks like I'll have to heed my own advise and get a Wax Jacket in for next time round!






Thursday, 2 June 2016


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