Thursday, 2 June 2016





The wedding/prom season is officially in full swing! And while our girlfriends will be choosing between one of several outfits to find the right one, us guys have a different problem; How on earth am I going to find a suit that's affordable??

The main memory I have from my prom, aside from the fact I had tonsilitis (and missed a classic Ghana vs Uruguay world cup game) was my horrendiously misshapen rented tux. While the girls at our school literally created a facebook page to prevent each other from buying the same dress, we had to settle for the exact same Tux from the exact same rental shop (that got a 0% in fitting success rate!). From then on I decided that for formal occasions I had to make sure that I invested properly in an suit, and that I would actually buy something that I would wear again.

When Topman got in touch to collaborate with them for their suit campaign, I was genuinely over the moon that my favourite brand would would think of working with me, and I couldn't wait to get it shot. I can honestly say that these shots have been my favourite I've ever done, and I hope that it shows that dressing well for special occasions doesn't have to cost the world (this outfit cost less than £200), and the Suit, Shirt, and Tie can be found through the links!


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