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Hey Everyone!

At long last, the summer seems to be upon us, and one of the main staples of a British summer is of course the music festival. Ever since my first experience of a festival as a wide eyed 15 year old at Underage festival in 2007, I've always tried to catch at least one every Summer, and I'm lucky enough to say I have a few planned this Summer too!

While my main passion for festivals will always be live music, I can't lie that that bit more effort does get put into our outfits when attending one (because we all want to look are best when dancing to our favourite band right?!) so when Forever 21 got in touch to talk festival outfits, I thought I'd have a real good think about what makes a great festival look.

I hink first things first, colour is an important tool (as long as it isn't too much) so I've gone with the classic pairing of the tan Jacket and Mauve Chinos. I'm not going to lie, with limited space, you're going to end up having to wear things a few times over the course of a 4-5 day festival, so it's always best to pack things that are simple, bold and versatile, which is what these two staple pieces do really well. Once again, a classic striped tee suits this perfectly, and with the nice touch of a double stripe, makes it just as interesting without a jacket if your lucky enough to go to a festival where the temperature is high enough! Finally, as long as your lucky enough to need to dust off the old wellies, you need a shoe durable enough to survive the inevitable to-ing and fro-ing from stages, foot treading and beer throwing which is why I chose these really cool oxfords, with a cool and unique wooden platform.

To get you all in the festival mood, I thought I'd add a playlist of a few songs, old and new, that I'm into at the moment to get you in the mood, so I hope you now can't wait for festival season the begin!






  1. I love the colors in this outfit! That jacket is amazing. x Alona

  2. Great look and love the colors, and jacket!

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less!

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