Sunday, 13 March 2016





Hi Everyone!

Although the temperature is as low as it's been in the Capital the last week, the sun has been out in full force and seems to have put a spring in everyones step. This jacket from Next works perfectly for this weather, as although it looks quite light and casual, it's actually really padded and warm. I've actually been wearing this general outfit a few times in the last couple of weeks as I love the camel-blue-tan combination of the jacket, jeans and shoes (the shoes also from next).

The jeans were really kindly sent over to me from Dr Denim. I've always been a black jeans guy over blue (mostly because I love blue denim jackets too much!) But these work in really well with the ample amount of camel and tan in my wardrobe, and the elasticity of the jeans really come in handy for someone whose jeans seem to rip every other week!

What I like most about this outfit is that I don't feel overdressed going to the shops wearing it, but at the same time don't feel like I've not made the effort if I'm going out wearing it, which as a guy I think is all I can ever ask for really!






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