Sunday, 6 March 2016





Hey everyone!

A problem that many of us will always have to struggle with in regards to picking an outfit is finding a balance between style and comfort. Some of my favourite clothes aren't necessarily the most comfy (or practical!) and some of my go to lounging around wear I wouldn't be caught dead in outside! This is what I love so much about this Zara coat (you can find a similar one here); it combines the best of both worlds.

Whilst I'm never one for bright colour necessarily in my outfits, I also never intentionally go for the pure monchrome look either, but with my new Jack Wills shoes and Cambridge Satchel Company backpack, it felt right to pull out my white UNIQLO socks and make it a minimalist dream!




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  1. I struggle with the comfort and style too, I just love lounging around in comfy clothes and would not be caught dead in them in public! I love the coat, it definitely has a feeling of both comfort and style and perfect for this cold weather that is still gracing England!


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