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Hello Everyone!

From a young age, I would always be given snippets of life lessons by my mother (with varying levels of truth and success!) but the one that has always stuck with me is about shoes. She would always tell me that the first thing people will notice about you when you first meet is your shoes, so make sure you make a good impression. Whilst I'd like to think my face is the first thing people notice, I do understand where she was coming from! A man's shoes can tell you a lot about them, so I always try to make sure that I am wearing the best pair to fit my mood and what I'm trying to say about myself.

So when Dune London Men got in touch to celebrate their men's takeover week over on their Instagram, I saw it as a perfect chance to try out a different style of shoe and see how I could work it into my style. I decided to try out these amazing buckled boots, an interesting take on the more traditional Chelsea boot, and pair it with a more colourful River Island shirt and Topman fedora. What I love about this pair is that I felt it worked with a colourful outfit like this, but would equally suit a more formal outfit, and whilst it can be the centre piece of the look, does not overpower it; something that is rare in casual footwear.

And this is where the need to know part comes in! Dune London are running a monthly £250 gift voucher giveaway on their instagram for their 'styled by you' campaign, offering guys to share their own Dune London look using the hashtags #dunelondon #startwiththeshoes and #dunelondonmen for a chance to win. Being on Instagram the past couple of years and following through my girlfriend so many female bloggers and non bloggers who regularly post outfit shots, I love how menswear and outfit inspiration is becoming so much more accessible then it was even a couple of years ago, and campaigns like this not only promote the idea that guys can take an active interest in fashion and footwear, but also provide a platform to seek out other like minded people, so I can't encourage you guys to do it enough! Their Instagram account will be showing outfit inspiration, as well as good food haunts and fitness tips all week, so once again, make sure you give them a follow!

Have a great week guys, and if you're London based like me, make the most of the great weather!

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