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Hello Everyone!

With this December set to be the warmest yet, my coats are annoyingly lingering in my wardrobe, depressingly unused and underappreciated, but on the bright side it means that I can actually go out without looking like I've got half my wardrobe on! I've had this REISS suit for about a year now, and I love its colour and subtle check pattern, and certainly stands out without craving attention. As a suit lover, one of the worst things about not having a 9-5 job is not being able to rock the 3 piece barely ever (Liv can vouch for the fact that I ALWAYS overdress at unnecessary times) so I have to be creative with what I combine it with.

Although I've been out a few times pairing it with my REISS rollneck, I had never actually shot it, so was pretty excited to get this up! With the roll neck and maroon on navy combination, I thought I'd add to the 70s vibe by shooting outside my favourite cinema in London, the Curzon in Mayfair, with its authentic fixtures both outside and in, combined with some post editing to give the images that film feel!

I'll be posting an xmas gift guide in the next few weeks, so look out for that, and have a great week guys!


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Reiss Suit - Find similar here

Reiss Rollneck - Find similar here

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