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Hey Everyone!

Being someone who is more used to being behind the camera than in front, and being someone who has always been better with numbers than words (sorry for the silly amount of spelling errors in my posts!) I've always focused more on the quality of images than the written content, and often find it difficult to know what to talk about. When Livvi and I were up and about town earlier this week to get photos, I left genuinely excited to get the images up. One of the fortunate things about living in London is the endless supply of unique and diverse locations, as well as quintessentially British ones, and nothing screams London much more than an open Georgian terraced square. Whilst I've shot in Bedford Square before, Fitzroy Square is one that I had yet to try out, and I can't believe that I hadn't before!

With roll necks very much in at the moment, I thought I'd tie in my new Topman one with my ASOS leather jacket and Cheap Monday jeans. I think what's great about roll necks are that they have the ability to make what would be quite rugged outfits look a bit smarter, without looking like you're trying too hard or looking overdressed. With the London town weather in a bit of a limbo phase at the moment, it's a really good outfit for the seasonal transition, but all items that are diverse enough to work into the wardrobe when winter finally comes.


What I'm Wearing:

ASOS Leather Jacket - Find here

Topman Roll Neck - Find here

Cheap Monday Jeans - Find here

Topman Boots - Find similar here

Topman Necklace - Find here




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