Monday, 2 November 2015

21. Morning Routine!

Hello Everyone!

I thought I'd bring something a little different to the blog this week, and show you my morning routine and what I use to make myself look somewhat presentable! With mens skincare probably at its most popular ever point, I thought I'd give my two cents on what I'm using and loving right now.




Tom Ford Skincare Range

I've been a fan of Tom Ford for a long time, particularly their aftershaves, so being able to try out their skincare products has been really exciting. I suffer from dry skin on my face, so a decent moisturiser is a must for me! What I love about this moisterizer, is not just that it does the trick for my skin, but that as I have to moisterize a few times a day to keep my skin hydrated, the fact that it smells so good and I love putting it on simply means that I don't forget! Having only been using moisturiser frequently for about 6 months now, it's important to make sure that something new to a routine doesn't feel like a chore, so the fact that I look forward to using this means that it makes it so much easier!

The secod of these that I've been really enjoying is the anti-fatigue eye treatment. Us guys don't necessarily have the option to use foundation to help cover bags under our eyes, so it's a really cool idea to have a product to help. Being someone who is already pretty pale, fatigued eyes can make me look like I'm about to sink my teeth into someone, so this is a must in the morning!

Find Tom Ford beauty range here



Daimon Barber Pomade

I cannot recommend this hair product enough. As I have really thick and dry hair, I need a product that not just holds, but is maleable enough for me to adjust during the day and doesn't make my hair look like straw! For so long I used about 3 different products to try and get everything right, which not only was near impossible and time consuming, but also probbly not too good for my hair. I've been using this pomade for about 7-8 months now and it's absolutely perfect for me, and the fact that it can keep hair as thick as mine up is a testiment to how good it is!

Find Daimon Barber here


nyone who knows me will know how obsessed I am with aftershave! I where it daily, even if I'm not up to much during the day, which may seem excessive, but for me it's a really important part of my morning routine and gives me that confindence to start the day. I'm a bit of an aftershave obsessive, so I've narrowed it down to my 4 favourite at the moment!

Yves Saint Laurent - La nuit de l'homme

For me, this is a perfect gift aftershave, as its smells really good without being too eclectic, so it'll be difficult to find someone who doesns't like it, as it carries a really nice musty scent and slightly darker than the other Saint Laurent fragrances.

Find here

Jimmy Choo - Man

The most fruity of the fragrances I have, it is a good mix of masculine and playful, and a perfect summertime scent.

Find here

Tom Ford - Men eau de toilette

What I love about this fragrance is that it isn't like anything else I've smelled. It's important to have a scent that makes you stand out in a crowd (In a good way obviously!) and this delivers. Another musky smell, it probably the scent that people have asked about most when I've worn it

Find here

Burberry London - Eau de toilette

I love all these fragrences, but this is probably my favourite! It's probably the most eclectic of the 4, but it's one that after a year I still haven't got bored of. Being quite a dark oaky smell, it's perfect for the winter months, and once again is a fragrance that I get asked about a lot!

So hopefully that was somewhat helpful and would love to know your thoughts if anyone has tried these products, and if not, what you would recommend!

Have a great week!


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