Sunday, 14 June 2015


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Hello Everyone!

Long time no post! I can finally say that my Uni days are over! I honestly thought that my final exams finishing would leave me with a huge weight off of my shoulders, but the empty feeling of not having anything to do and realisation that I have to physically find a job all by myself is daunting to say the least. However, an obvious plus point in this is that I finally have time to get some consistant stuff out on this which hopefully can't be a bad thing!

A genuine added bonus of the annual exam end season is the fact that Livvi's Birthday is at the beginning of June, so there's alway something to look forward to this time of the year, and this year we visited Cabbages and Kings, A quaint little tea room in Halstead, A 20 minute car journey from our Bromley home.

I was too involved in chat with Livvi, Her mum Sarah and grandmother Janet to shoot in the building itself, but fortunately Livvi was more savvy and professional than I, so watch out on Her Site for pictures ;)

Luckily there was enough time to shoot my outfit outside, and after a lot of opportunities, finally a chance to show off my favourite new Zara print trousers. As a man who is obsessed with the safe pair of trouser approach to styling the bottom half of my body, This Pause article provided me with proof that printed trouser were acceptable, and it was genuinely refreshing to be able to branch out and wear something a little more 'out there' and trousers that defined an outfit as opposed to accompanying one.

Livvi and I will be going to New York on Wednesday, and will be vlogging the trip as an added bonus, so watch out for that on Livvi's Youtube channel, and hopefully will be posting a few snaps myself!

Have a great evening guys!



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