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Hello everyone! I'm just going to say from the get go that this will probably be a long one! Although I have briefly touched upon my reasoning for starting a blog in both my about section and my first post, I thought it would be a good idea to do a proper post about myself, what I love, and how I will try to incorporate these loves into this blog (sorry, it's going to be a bit of a ramble and possibly the most boring thing you've ever read so please bare with me!)


Olivia and Photography

It would be silly to do a post about my loves and inspirations behind blogging without mentioning my biggest love and influencer, Olivia. Quite simply, if it wasn't for Livvi, I would not know what a blog even was, let alone be in a position where I'm comfortable writing one! By being alongside Livvi as her blog has grown; I have not just seen first hand the benefits of writing about your passions and introducing yourself to a community of like minded people, but been myself influenced by what she does and have had my passions moulded as a consequence.

In the early days of Livvi's blog, I knew nothing about photography. Nothing. Livvi would sort out the settings, tell me exactly where to stand and when to click. Growing up, I never saw myself as a creative person. Being very good at maths from an early age meant that I always assumed that numbers were my thing; that I'd get an office job in the city in something vague like insurance, and that would be that. Although I am currently studying accounting at uni, my mentality in terms of what I want to do in my life have shifted massively in recent years, and largely due to that moment that I first got plonked on a spot and told to click.

Although my progression to the photographing lover I am today was slow; little moments like telling Livvi to look in a different direction and realising that the picture needed to be lighter soon evolved into outright scouting for locations and teaching myself how every aspect of of the camera worked. Somewhat inadvertantly, I had stumbled upon something that had become one of my main passions without really noticing. It has led me to follow photographers and bloggers on social media and appreciate just how amazing their work is, something that 5 years years ago would have simply passed me by. Overall this blog will hopefully push me to channel my love of photography, and attempt to better myself at it.



I going to be honest, I'm not a fashion guy. I don't avidly follow Men's LFW to see the latest Oliver Spencer collection. I don't dress up every day like I'm in boardwalk empire. I don't even know where London College of Fashion is actually located. I'm just a guy who likes to throw on a nice fitted tee and a nice pair of brogues.

What I want this blog to show is that you dont need to have a degree in fashion or own 40 different styles of suit to love and appreciate style. Although the spectrum of succesful female style blogs largely encompasses every niche under the sun, male bloggers do tend to fit into either catwalk lovers or dapper gentlemen, which although both have incredible blogs in them by incredibly talented people, simply isn't representative of the overall male interest in clothing, and can seem incredible daunting to look at if thinking of writing one yourself. Overall I want this blog to show that you don't need to be in the fashion industry or have a wardrobe the size of a room to enjoy style and clothes, and hopefully be introduced to other blogs that I can get inspiration from!


Music, Film and Football Unlike photography, these three passions are ones that I have had from a very young age. The first single I bought as an 8 year old was Outkast's 'Ms Jaskson" (I'm still proud of that to this day!); My friends facebook newsfeeds are constantly flooded with my netflix activities; and much to Livvi's annoyance I can only really remember past events such as restuarant visits by working out what football was on at the time. Although I'm still not too sure how I'm going to incorporate these into my blog, as they are such a massive part of my life I will endevour to crowbar them in somehow, be it a what I'm listening to post, a favourite football book post, or even a sentence or two about a good film I've seen. I feel especially compelled to write about football on this blog, because not only is it my biggest love, it is something that isn't talked about alongside style enough (my discovery of The Green Soccer Journal was a revelation), and frankly, with so many guys loving the two it would be a shame not to talk about it!

Hopefully that gives you an idea what I'm aiming to achieve in writing this blog, and if you've read this far I'm genuinely sorry that it was so long and probably boring to read! But if you liked it please comment below, and on a side note I've started a twitter account so if thats you thing please follow!

Have a lovely evening!




  1. I really enjoyed reading this Joe! You seem very down to earth with lots of interests to comprise your blog. Look forward to following you and seeing it's progression :).

  2. This was a really lovely blog post as I love seeing the reasons why people starting blogging as it is always so interesting and personal.

  3. I actually liked the blog post! Not boring at all :) I am looking forward to your next ones.


  4. It's both the strangest and loveliest thing to have read Olivia's blog for what feels like always and to now be able to read a blog by someone who is such a big part of her life {and blog!} and someone who it feels a little like i know just a little bit already - hoping that doesn't sound odd! I loved reading this post - and to learn a little bit about just you! I'm really looking forward to reading more. Great job!

    Sal x

    1. Thankyou so much for the kind words Sal! It doesn't sound odd at all! Hopefully future posts will be equally interesting :)


  5. So excited to find out you had started blogging! Have always loved when you featured on Liv's. Can't wait to see where yours goes :)

  6. Love it! I like how you write it thanks for sharing about what you love! I think the blog is more attractive when you share something personal. Keep up the good work!!!


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