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26.Xmas Gift Guide!


Hello Everyone!

Like most guys out there, with less than 2 weeks to go until xmas, I'm still short of a few presents for friends and family, so I understand how difficult it can be sometimes to remain creative and inventive with gifts when you're buying for so many, particularly when us guys don't tend to give much away when it comes to what we want!

So I've put together a little guide if anyone is having any trouble thinking of ideas, so hopefully it will help people out!


Reiss woolen hat

When It comes to clothes, unless you know the gift receivers style really well, or they have mentioned a specific item before, buying clothing can be a risky business! My advice would be to keep it nice and simple, and try to think of things that the person wouldn't buy themselves. If I have a bit of money to spend on clothing, I automatically think of shirts/trousers/outerwear, but rarely spend a lot on really nice hats/scarves/socks etc so this Reiss hat works perfectly!

2.Eastpack backpack

Until about 6 months ago, I had 1 backpack that I had used for everything for about 3 years, so I speak from experience that this is something that guys can get into a habit of only buying when it is entirely neccessary, so why not treat him to a new one! This House of Hackney limited edition Eastpack bag is one of my favourite backpacks, and is perfect for a main present if you have the budget for it (it is a bit on the pricey side!), however, if you're lookingfor something a little less costly or even a simpler design, Eastpak have a great collection of bags that suit all price ranges and styles!


3.Morrisey print

This amazing hand drawn Morrissey print from Etsy seller is actually a gift I recieved for a secret santa, and I culdn't have picked a better gift myself! Oh Corrin is one of Liv and I's favourite sellers on Etsy, as she offers some genuinely unique pop culture prints, and with a price of just £10, is a perfect stocking filler for any fellow Morrissey fans out there!

4.'The Stylish Life' book

I included this soccer photography book in an earlier guide to my favourite football based magazines and books, and is perfect gift for someone who loves both football and the culture around it. Split into sections including fans, stadiums, fashion and players, it's a gift that any football loving dad/brother/boyfriend would enjoy, and would be something a bit more unique than the latest footballing autobiography!


5.Brydon Brothers belt Another item that falls under the accessories that men rarely treat themsleves with, this belt from independant belt company Brydon Brothers is a really cool, well made gift that is not only long lasting, but a design that is timeless!

6.Tom Ford 'Oud Wood' range

Last but certainly not least in the Oud Wood collection from Tom Ford, which can be bought as individual items. The aftershave in this collection is simply the best I've ever had (I've yet go out wearing it where nobody has commented on it!) and lets face it, you can't go wrong with good smellies as a christmas gift! What I love about this collection is that with the aftershave, the body moisturiser, the soap, the shower gel, and the body spray, it covers all the bases wth the same scent, and if you're as mad about the scent as I am, there is something for all price ranges to buy. I can be all too easy sometimes to rush into boots and pick up a gift set or the closest aftershave (sorry dad) so picking something outside of the mainstream won't go unnoticed and earn lots of good gidt points with the recipient!

Hopefully this helps anyone out there struggling for ideas this xmas, and have a great week!


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